Midi de la Méditerranée – An Algerian education: from the revolution to the black decade

The fourth Midi de la Méditerranée was a literary meeting with Wassyla Tamzali, President of the Algerian Forum of Mediterranean Women, Board Member of the Collectif Maghreb-Egalité and former director of the UNESCO Program for the Advancement of the Status of Mediterranean Women.

Wassyla Tamzali was 20 years old when Algeria won its independence. She came to talk about his book « Education of Algeria: from the revolution to the black decade » in which she remembers the political developments of Algeria adding her personal thoughts to it. She attributes the current situation in Algeria and the dark days of the nineties to the assimilation that the Algerians did between colonization and modernity. As a universalist, she nevertheless believes in the return of modernity in her country.

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