Rising power of the military in Turkey

Logically following last Friday attack which killed 17 soldiers in the barracks Aktütün, the anti-terrorist measures have been tightened in Turkey. The military require freedom of action that is uncomfortable for many. Some speak of backsliding on the progress made concerning Human Rights and Freedoms. The leaders are trying to reassure, but the concern persists.

Stressed in a previous Editorial in past December, the accession process doesn’t motivate much people, neither in Europe nor in Turkey. Nothing does encourage Turkey anymore to concede much freedom to the Kurds, who find only violence to claim their rights.

An attack like Aktütün can of course only be condemned. Parliament’s vote Wednesday, largely in favor of extending the mandate of the army for operations in northern Iraq, can be understood. Nevertheless, we can only regret the lukewarm energy of Ankara to undertake real reforms for the Kurdish people. To take a simple picture, a pan left too long on the fire without being released from a little pressure, will probably explode.

Everyone has now to assume its responsibilities: Europe has to show more prospects to Turkey; Turkey has to treat the causes rather than the consequences of violence committed by the PKK; and finally the latter has to adopt a smarter strategy than violence facing a military power like Turkey.