Absurd tolerance

Absurd is the story opposing the Muslim community of Jerusalem and the Simon Wiesenthal Center. The latter projects to build a Museum of Tolerance, designed as a place of education and a social laboratory. Only false note: the future Center for Human Dignity will be built on an ancient Muslim cemetery. Welcome in Absurdity!

A appeal to the Supreme Court had been introduced some time ago by the Muslim community. The judiciary finally issued a decision … for the Simon Wiesenthal Center! Immediate, and legitimate, lifting of shield of the Muslims of Jerusalem, supported by some Jews citizens as Gershon Baskin of IPCRI (Israel / Palestine Center for Research and Information).

The current situation is: a center for tolerance will be built without any tolerance. One of the acceptances of the word « tolerance » is indeed that of a « state of mind of someone open to accept others ways of thinking and acting different from their own. » In other words, tolerance does not ask to agree with the other but means to accept him to express his opinion and to respect it. But here the opinion of Muslims is far from being respected.

Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center stresses the importance of the Museum in a city like Jerusalem, the crossroads of three major monotheistic religions. He is right, the initiative is good and can lead to a dialogue between religions, but placed on the Muslim cemetery in Mamilla, it will be a symbol of intolerance, and it will undoubtedly cultivate hatred.