Foreign Affairs Committee – Exchange of views with Amr Moussa, Secretary General of the League of Arab States


Organised by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament on Wednesday 05 November 2008, 9.00-10.30, in the framework of the Arab week at the European Parliament 3-7/11/2008

Exchange of views with Amr Mussa, Secretary General of the League of Arab States


Barack Obama’s victory

The election of Barack Obama as President of the United States first held the debate. The changes promised by the Democrat candidate have been heard and are expected in the Middle East.


Palestine: Hamas / Fatah, situation in Gaza, settlements

The situation between Hamas and Fatah is now on the path of negotiation. On 9 November the two factions will meet with Egyptian mediation to sign reconciliation. The Arab League cares about its equal distance with both parties favoring the fate of Palestine as a whole.

On the issue of democratic progress in Palestine, the Secretary General said that last elections were democratic, but Europe and the world did not accept the results. If the excuse is that Hamas does not recognize Israel, it should be noted that certain factions in Israel do not recognize the Palestinians’ right to have a state. The recognition of Israel by Hamas has to go through the adoption of the Arab Peace Initiative.

On the other hand, if Europe is so strict vis-à-vis Hamas, why is it not over Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories? Similarly, despite its disapproval of the policy of Hamas, the people of Gaza must not be forgotten and must not suffer from this situation.


Union for the Mediterranean

The Foreign Ministers met yesterday in Marseille. First, there was no agreement, but discussions were extended so that the parties reached an agreement. It was thus decided that the Arab League would participate at all levels of the future Union for the Mediterranean.