The mirage of the Blue Card

Entered one year ago in the European landscape, the Blue card just passed an additional cap: the report of the MEP Ewa Klamt was approved Thursday 20 November by the European Parliament.

But the “European Green card” does not enthusiasm.

On a positive point of view, one can speak of visibility, simplification and standardization of administrative steps concerning migration to the EU.

From a negative point of view, the Blue card is somehow seen as a non-event. Looking as an European migration policy, the card is not a harmonization within the « European » meaning of the term because it does not destroy national particularities on immigration.

The Blue card aims to simplify the intra-European mobility for third countries highly skilled migrants but leaves their prerogative to the states. And concerning the clarification of administrative procedures, it’s all relative in view of the possible variations from state to state.

Speaking of a card actually blurs the tracks. The Blue card dangled easy access to European labor market, but leaves a taste of too little. The effect of advertising may have temporary beneficial consequences in terms of Europe being more competitive in the market of skilled workers. But in the long term however, the mirage of the Blue card can not compete its green sister.

N.J.O. & L.R.