Change or status quo in the Middle East. Analysis of the geopolitical and strategic landscape of the new U.S. administration. What role for the EU?

In the framework of the Academia Diplomatica Europea, the MEDEA Institute has partnered with the IERI for organizing this conference which was held at the Central Council of Economy. Each speaker was asked to give his point of view or the one of his institution on the probable and desirable role of major powers in the Middle East in the new era initiated by the inauguration of Barack Obama in the White House.

After a brief summary of recent years of conflict and peace in the Middle East set out by Miss Nathalie Janne d’Othée, HE Ms. Tamar Samash (Israeli Ambassador), Mr. Colin Scicluna (unit Mediterranean / Middle East / Gulf of EU Council) and Mr. Gerald Loftus (representing Democrats Abroad Belgium), successively took the floor. The absence of the researcher and representative of the General Delegation of Palestine Adel Atieh was nonetheless regrettable for the interest of the debate.

See notes (in French).