October 25 to 30, 2009

– « Tunisie : arrestation d’un journaliste de l’opposition » (Tunisia : arrest of opposition journalist) (29/10/2009) – Le Monde

Tunisian Journalist and critique of Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali’s government, Taoufik Ben Brik , was arrested on Tuesday allegedly accused of attaking a woman in the past week. Legitimate arrest? Premeditated action as a warning for opposition journalists ? Opinions diverge, but serious questions remain regarding freedom of expression and democracy in Tunisia. Moreover, the article underlines that the French government, heavily criticized French Greens for congratulating Ben Ali on his reelection, was once again the target of criticism for its “deafening silence” vis-à-vis Tunisia’s democratic deficit.


– « ABCC: Arab-British Economic Forum held in London » (29/10/2009) – Global Arab Network

British and Arab senior executives and decision-makers gathered in London for a two-day  Arab British Economic Forum, one of the most prestigious events organized by the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce. New opportunities for business partnerships were at the centre of the talks as the recovery of the international economy finally gets under way.


– “EU Foreign Policy Rep: I urge the Israelis to put an end to discriminatory measures in East Jerusalem” (30/10/2009) – Palestine News Network

Following the demolition of five Palestinian homes by Israeli authorities this Tuesday, Javier Solana, High Representative for Foreign Policy in the European Union, condemned Israeli actions. The European Union’s position was further emphasized by the Swedish presidency who called for Israeli authorities to put an end to such acts, underlining that these were illegal under international law.


– “Algeria: Looks to Diaspora to attract new investments” (26/10/2009) –Ansamed

A number of Algerian banks plan to open branches in countries hosting important Algerian Diasporas. According to Djamel ould Abbes, Minister for National Solidarity, of Families and Communities Abroad, Algeria must turn to its immigrant communities and business people abroad in order to overcome the fall of investment in Algeria as well as improving banks’ capacity to meet the needs of Algerian Diasporas.