November 9 to 13, 2009

– Nicolas Sarkozy souhaite faire d’’importantes suggestions’ à Mahmoud Abbas (Nicolas Sarkozy wishes to make ‘important suggestions’ to Mahmoud Abbas) (12/11/2009) – Le Monde

French President Nicolas Sarkozy contacted Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to present important suggestions regarding a quick recovery of the peace process in the Near East. A peace conference in Moscow appears to have been proposed by the French President, a suggestion supported by the Kremlin for the past few months.


– Libya to try Swiss businessmen (12/11/2009) – AlJazeera English

Two Swiss businessmen will shortly be tried under Libyan law, accused of fiscal evasion as well as the violation of commercial regulations and residence rights. An important diplomatic row had erupted following their arrest in July 2008. The two men were indeed arrested two days only after the detention by Swiss authorities of Hannibal Gadhafi, son of Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, and his wife for the alleged aggression of hotel staff in Geneva.


– Israel accuses Sweden of trying to change EU stance on Jerusalem(13/11/2009) – Haaretz

Israel has accused Sweden, current president of the EU, of modifying the European position regarding the status of Jerusalem. According to an Israeli source, Sweden, who seems to benefit from the support of other EU members, described Jerusalem as the capital of both Palestine and Israel during a number of public interventions. This recent diplomatic incident comes at a time of increasingly tensed relations between the EU and Israel since the start of the Swedish presidency.


– L’opposition syrienne demande le soutien de Paris avant l’arrivé d’Assad(Syrian opposition seeks the support of Paris before Assad’s arrival) (13/11/2009) –L’Orient Le Jour

On the eve of Syrian President Bachar el-Assad’s meeting with French counterpart Nicolas Sarkozy this Friday in Paris, Syrian opposition has sought to rally French support behind ‘democratic calls’ for the liberation of political prisoners, incarcerated following the creation at the end of 2007 of the National Council of the Declaration of Damascus.