December 14 to 18, 2009

– Mahmoud Abbas prolongé à la tête de l’Autorité palestinienne (Mahmoud Abbas prolonged at the head of the Palestinian Authority) (17/12/2009) – Le Monde

The central council of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) has prolonged, this Wednesday, the mandate of the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas. The length of the mandate is undetermined, but President Abbas reiterated his desire to resign from his position following the elections to take place sometime next year.


– CIA working with Palestinian security agents (17/12/2009) – Guardian

The CIA is alleged to have offered support to Palestinian security agents known to have detained and tortured a number of Hamas supporters in the West Bank. These allegations come less than a year after the signing of a law by President Obama prohibiting torture of prisoners by U.S. authorities.


– Londres-Jérusalem : crise diplomatique ? (London-Jerusalem : diplomatic crisis?) (16/12/2009) – Jerusalem Post

British-Israeli relations reached this week a critical diplomatic low following an arrest warrant delivered by British lawyers against Israel’s Tzipi Livni during a visit to London for her role in Operation Cast Lead conducted last year in Gaza. The British government is currently seeking desperate solutions to resolve an increasingly heated episode in its relations with the Jewish State.


– Kuwait shares extend gains as political clouds clear (17/12/2009) – Gulf Times

After a dramatic plunge of the Emirati stock market, it seems that Dubai will end the year in more reassuring fashion. The easing of political tensions within the national parliament has allowed the return of foreign investment to the financial oasis.