Midi de la Méditerranée – DEBRIEFING of the Congress of Alicante on Education and Migration between the South and North Mediterranean

The Belgian debriefing of the Congress of Alicante (see below) took place in the framework of the “Midis de la Méditerranée”. The Vice-President of the European Movement International, the Minister of State Charles-Ferdinand Nothomb outlined the various points raised by the reporters of the two workshops on ‘education’ and ‘migrations’, before opening the discussion to the audience. Many Belgian participants of the Congress were present and contributed with their comments and observations to enrich its conclusions.

The debate addressed the limits and scope of the conclusions of the Congress. The highlighted points were on the one hand the too big place taken by politicians and the weakness of civil society, on the other hand the opportunities offered by a network such as the one that gathered in Alicante, and the need for Europe to address issues as education and migrations in partnership with its southern neighbors.

See notes (in French).