January 25 to 29, 2010

–  « My brothers think about weapons, not toys » (29/1/2010) – The Guardian(Video)

The Guardian does a report on the aftermath of the war of last winter in Gaza on children. Even today, traces of the events are present in children nightmares, emotions, games and schooling. Osama Damo, from Save the Children, highlights the danger of mental problems suffered by children and infants, not yet visible, but that will later appear.

– The draft law on oil exploration soon in Parliament (Le projet de loi sur l’exploration pétrolière bientôt au Parlement) (29/1/2010) – L’Orient le Jour(seminar)

A draft law on oil exploration off the coast of Lebanon will soon be submitted to Parliament. L’Orient le Jour reports on a seminar on the issue. It is necessary for these revenues to be used in a long term perspective for Lebanon and its economic growth, not to cover the deficits of the state, said Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Gebran Bassil. The technical director of Schlumberger Middle East and Asia, Elie Daher, noted it would take a decade before the block to bear fruit and noted that Lebanon is currently lacking qualified young people in this sector. Norway’s Ambassador to Beirut, Aud Lise Norheim, presented the action program « Oil for Development (OFD) initiated by the Norwegian Agency for Development (Norad), which aims to help countries development that have a potential to optimize their oil resources. The seminar also stressed the need for Lebanon to diversify its energy sources.

– Saudi Arabia to announce new law on marriage (29/1/2010) – Gulf News

Shaikh Saleh Bin Humaid, Chairman of the Saudi Supreme Judicial Council, has announced the imminent arrival of a new law that will address the problem of underage marriage. For this purpose and for a general reform of the Saudi judicial system, a delegation of senior officials is preparing to tour Europe and Arab countries to bring out the best of the laws in these countries, with the condition though to respect the fundamental principles of Shari’a.

–  Israel Signals Tougher Line on West Bank Protests (28/1/2010) – New York Times

Israel hardens tone dealing with nonviolent demonstrations in Bil’in, Nil’in and other villages against the separation wall. The movement is growing from year to year and can count on increasingly strong international solidarity. Israel understands the danger and tries to crush the revolt before it escapes him, said Jonathan Pollak, an Israeli anarchist and the spokesperson of the Coordinating Committee of Popular Struggle. Israeli Associations B’Tselem and Yesh Din regularly denounce the violent means employed by the Israeli army against the militants. Since 2004, nineteen Palestinians were killed in demonstrations against the wall.

– Yemen received support in London accompanied by demands for reform(Le Yémen obtient à Londres un soutien assorti de demandes de réformes) (28/1/2010) – Le Monde

Organized in emergency by Gordon Brown in the aftermath of the failed attack on the flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, an international conference on Yemen was held Wednesday on the eve of a meeting planned for some time on Afghanistan. Gathering only a ministerial meeting, it could only foresee a future meeting of donors for Yemen in Riyadh at the end of February. The Yemeni authorities seek financial support from the international community, but no military intervention. Donors may give such assistance under the conditions to make reforms in the governance of the country.