February 22 to 26, 2010

– More Israeli names new Dubai suspects game list (26/2/2010) – Gulf News

Other Israelis were informed that their identities had been misused in the assassination of Hamas military leader, Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh in Dubai. An updated list of twenty-six suspects has indeed been established by the police of the emirate, including twelve English, six Irishmen, four French, three Australians and a German. Those involved have all recently established in Israel. The police of Dubai accused the Mossad of having carried out the killing, but Israeli authorities are since denying. The statement this week by the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Avigdor Lieberman was remarked :  « You watch too many James Bond films” he said as response to European concerns about the case.

– U.S.: Goods made at Jewish settlements are not Israeli (26/2/2010) – BBC news

The European Court of Justice issued has ruled Thursday on the access of products from Jewish settlements in the West Bank to the European market. After being seized by German drinks company, Brita, the court said that products from the settlements did not qualify for the exemption of import tax enjoyed by Israeli, and Palestinian products. The judgments of the European Court of Justice are binding on its member states.

– The presidential ambition of El-Baradei becomes clearer (L’ambition présidentielle d’El-Baradei se precise) (25/2/2010) – France 24

Mohamed El Baradei announced Tuesday the creation of a « National Coalition for Change ». The rumors about the presidential ambitions of former Secretary General of the International Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) and Nobel Price for Peace (2005) seem to be confirmed. El Baradei said he would engage in politics only if there are free elections and if he, and others independent candidates like him, could take part of it. The power has however protected itself against the nomination of independent candidates by requiring those candidates to obtain the consent of the 250 elected member of Parliament. The popularity of the Nobel Prize seems in any case to increase in the light of the thousand fans presents to welcome him at the airport at the occasion of his return to Egypt on February 19th, and of the115 000 fans of the group “Elbaradei for Presidency of Egypt_ 2011” on Facebook.

– The Russell Tribunal on Palestine arrived in Barcelona (El Tribunal Russell sobre Palestina arriba a Barcelona) (25/2/2010) – Russell Tribunal sobre Palestina (blog – video)

Pierre Galand (French) and Frank Barat (English) presented the first session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine to be held in Barcelona from March 1 to 3, 2010. The Barcelona meeting will address « deficiencies of the European Community and European countries, which now allow Israel to violate a set of rules of international law, violations that have been amplified after the war in Gaza. » Several themes will guide the discussions: the wall, the right to Palestinian to self-determination, the dismantling of settlements, and the Association Agreements between the EU and Israel. The principle of the Russell Tribunal based on the hope that « public opinions can have an influence in persuading the international community (UN, U.S., Europe, Arab countries) to take measures to compel Israel to become an honest partner in peace negotiations, for a just peace.  »

Live streaming of session will start on 1st March at 10am here:http://www.bcnsolidaria.tv/tv/

– Investments, memory, Western Sahara, black list …: raw words of Ouyahia to Claude Guéant (Investissements, mémoire, Sahara occidental, liste noire… : Les mots crus de Ouyahia à Claude Guéant ) (23/2/2010) – Al Watan

Relations between Algeria and France seem to seek the path of reconciliation after months of cold. The Secretary General of the Elysee, Claude Guéant met last Sunday Algerian Prime Minister Ahmed Ouyahia. According to Al Watan, the latter addressed all the core subjects of the discord, with priority to the management of the colonial memory regularly poisoning relations between the two countries. For its part, the envoy of the Elysee said the firm will of Nicolas Sarkozy to find solutions to current problems.