European Union Foreign Policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

AL FATTAL (Rouba), European Union Foreign Policy in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, PASSIA, Jerusalem, March 2010, 228p.

Fifteen years after its launch, the impact of the Barcelona Process on the Palestinian Territories is in need of a reassessment. Despite some initial improvements in the political and economic structures, the EMP alone failed to anchor a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians leading to the outbreak of the Second Intifada.
In response, the ENP was launched to bring a number of new foreign policy instruments which induced substantial reforms. However, Hamas’ electoral win brought a halt to the EU’s aid and diplomacy. This boycott proved detrimental, as it widened the rift between the main parties to the point of no reconciliation. Whether the UfM proves any better than its predecessor policies in the region remains to be seen.
This work aims to provide a broad picture of EU’s policies toward the Palestinian Territories, in order to draw lessons from them and offer proposals for the way ahead.