Midi de la Méditerranée – Turkey on the nuclear path

For  the second time, the Midi de la Méditerranée tackles the subject of energy. After Roland Kobia’s speech in October on the EU’s energy dependency and the role played by the Euro-Arab relations, Florence Debrouwer, FNRS aspirant, and member of Center for Studies of Crises and International Conflict (CECRI – UCL ) explained the evolution of Turkey’s nuclear ambitions since the 50s until today.

Although no plant project is signed yet, Turkey has long nourished the project. The failures of successive drafts are due to different factors, including seismic faults crossing the Anatolian plateau, the unexpected political twists or protests from neighboring Turkey. The questions from the audience then allowed to approach the role of energy, especially nuclear energy, in the question of Turkish accession to the EU, as well as in regional geopolitics.

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