April 19 to 23, 2010

– Iran unveils ‘ultra-speed and smart’ vessel in war games, (23/04/2010), Arabnews.com

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard has offered a demonstration of its military forces during an exercise in the Hormuz Strait, which is a strategic point in the oil route. In this period,during when leaders such as Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy are concerned about the Iranian nuclear threat, Iran shows its military capabilities in an implicit purpose to warn the United States and Israel  of its power. But the main point is that these military exercises are held in the Hormuz Strait, through which passes 40% of global oil and gas. So, if this strait is taken by force, it would have catastrophic consequences for the world.

– Kabylia : on his way to autonomy (La Kabylie cherche sa voie vers l’autonomie), (21/04/2010), Le Figaro

Thirty years ago the Berber Spring denounced the power’s oppression on the Berber identity. Kabylia, which resisted to the power and Islamists, is seeking out for a path to independence. That is what the Movement for Autonomy of Kabylia calls, whose president this week announced “creation of a provisional kabyl government”.

– Crisis on the Nile, (21/04/2010), Ashraq Alawsat

The negotiations in Sharm el-Sheikh between the Nile Basin countries over the sharing of water have failed. The proposal made by Sudan and Egypt has not been approved by other countries which then signed a new agreement. The sharing of Nile water is an issue which may be more complicated because countries like Ethiopia and the Democratic Republic of Congo have significant population growth that makes the water demand is constantly increasing.

– Erdogan under criticism, (Erdogan sous les feux de la critique, (19/04/2010), Le Courrier International

The Turkish prime minister’s statement on the deportation of illegal Armenians in Turkey is a burning issue. Turkey and Armenia, still in a normalization process of their relations, are affected by these remarks that sully Ankara.