April 26 to 30, 2010

– Tehran courts UN members from Brazil to Bosnia on nuclear issue, (30/04/2010), Gulf News

The Iranian president is adopting a new diplomatic strategy regarding the nuclear issue. Knowing that great powers and the United Nations are ready to punish Iran, Ahmadinejad opens a debate about which countries have the right to possess nuclear technology. The Iranian tactic is to emphasize nuclear power as a symbol of modernity. Then he is trying to create a controversy about the control and access to this technology.

– Journalist Taoufik Ben Brik released from prison, (27/04/2010), France24

Taoufik Ben Brik, a Tunisian journalist and opponent, was released from jail after a six months sentence. He had been accused of violence during a trial called. He recalled that the Tunisian political system still censors the press and freedom of expression is conditioned by the state.

– A « Secular Pride », (26/04/2010), L’Orient Jour dans le Courrier International

April 25th, 3000 people demonstrated in Beirut. They came to support the idea of a secular state in Lebanon. This movement, launched by young Lebanese on Facebook, was born from a feeling of oppression by community membership in Lebanon. Indeed, this membership (The secularists in Lebanon, Le Figaro) imposes some pressure: civil marriage doesn’t exist in Lebanon and quota policies are imposed to senior administrative positions. This initiative is challenging Lebanese political system by defending the idea of a secular state. It also upsets the Lebanese landscape.

– Wave of optimism falters in Mediterranean, (20/04/2010), The Financial Times

The Mediterranean region, after the Second World War, was became a major trading area. But it has been strongly affected by the economic crisis of the past two years. According to Victor Mallet, author of this article, the European recession has highlighted the lack of competitiveness of North African countries. However, we must not forget that Europe remains dependent on these countries especially concerning energy.