May 24 to 28, 2010

– Obama unveils new security strategy (27/05/2010) – Al Jazeera

President Obama is about to unveil a new security strategy. It abandons certain terms from the last security document drafted by the Bush administration as « global war against terrorism » or references to « Islamic extremism » and prefers that of a « war against a specific network, Al Qaeda « . Nevertheless, commentators are already noticing inconsistencies with certain activities currently undertaken by the United States as in Pakistan where the bombing by drones have been intensified, despite the rejection of the Pakistani government.

– Tsahal in the hands of religious (26/05/2010) – Haaretz (reproduced by Courrier International)

While they only represented a small percentage of the army after the first intifada, the religious are now more and more to invest the army. On their side, the Israelis from the left desert senior army jobs, and are more prevalent in the Aman, military intelligence. The consequences of this religious influence on Tsahal may be really important in case of a process of settlements ‘dismantling in the West Bank.

– The dig dividing Jerusalem (26/05/2010) – Guardian

Ahdaf Soueif, Egyptian writer and political and cultural commentator, describes the excavation’s harmful effects, searching the City of David in the Arab neighborhood of Silwan, in the heart of East Jerusalem. Founded in 1986 by David Be’eri, Elad society’s mission is « to strengthen the current and historical connection of Israel with Jerusalem” and applies it in two ways: first by digging tunnels connected to the Wailing Wall’s esplanade passing under and endangering Silwan’s neighborhood; secondly, by acquiring more properties and that is so often done in a illegitimate way. Many complain the state’s help, while Israel denied any involvement in an initiative that calls itself private. The Palestinians, from Silwan and elsewhere, are increasingly concerned over being wiped off the map.

– Brookings Institute criticizes Lack of press freedom in Egypt (05/26/2010) – Al Masry Al Youm

The Brookings Institute, points to the lack of freedom for the press in Egypt. According to the American research’s institution, the Egyptian journalists “exercise censorship to themselves, by fear of being arrested”. It also notices the growing gap between independent press, political press and the state press.

– And if, for the upcoming holiday, we’d get Hezbollah-turn? (25/05/2010) – France 24

Hezbollah organizes visits of Mleeta’s site, located 65 km south from Beirut, in which was organized a real resistance’s museum. Thus, tourists can observe the techniques and lifestyles of Hezbollah’s resistance fighters. The aim of this initiative is twofold: to win people’s mind because of the resistance and to boost tourism in a devastated region by Israeli bombardment in 2006.

– Kuwait’s Emir donates Three million euros to the Arab World Institute(22/05/2010) – Gulf News

The Emir of Kuwait Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah has donated 3 million euros in the Arab World Institute (IMA), based in Paris. It is for promoting the institution’s efforts to encourage dialogue and put an end to intercultural conflicts. After having thanked the Emir and have highlighted the special relationship that unites the Kuwait and the Institute, Dominique Baudis, Director of the IMA and member of the European Parliament, said that this money would be intended for exhibition and the Institute’s library.