Assembly of citizens of the Mediterranean (ACM): « Mediterranean Dialogues: Institutions and Citizenship in the Mediterranean »

The First Assembly of citizens of the Mediterranean called « Mediterranean Dialogues: Institutions and Citizenship in the Mediterranean » was organized in Valencia from July 2nd to 4, 2010.

The ACM is designed as a space for dialogue between societies – with all its components – in the Mediterranean basin. This is a long-term process that brings together different actors of society – citizens’ movements, public and private institutions, companies, associations, unions, experts, universities, research centers, etc..

It is based on the work of circles of people around the Mediterranean basin and is organized through a coordination and an advisory council.

The three-day meeting enabled in-depth discussions between citizens and institutions in the Mediterranean on the following topics:

• Thinking the Mediterranean.

• Citizenship in the Mediterranean, rights and responsibilities.

• Construction of an area of sustainable peace: are there prior conditions?

• Current and future challenges in the Mediterranean: The individual and collective responsibility of citizens.

The conclusions of this first meeting already provide a solid foundation for work and reflection to existing and future circles of citizens.

This meeting was organized by the CERAI, the European Movement International and the European University of Tirana with the support of the Fondation Charles LeopoldMayer, Casa Árabe and Casa Mediterráneo. MEDEA Institute has provided scientific support to the initiative.