July 5 to 9, 2010

– The new paths of Turkish foreign policy: confusion or reorientation? (Les nouveaux chemins de la politique étrangère turque : égarement ou réorientation ? )(3/7/2010) – OVIPOT (Observatoire de la vie politique turque)

While the country has turned to Europe and the United States for years to the detriment of its eastern neighbors, the Turkish ambitious new strategy aims to take responsibility for resolving existing conflicts and to revive its influence in the Muslim world by taking advantage of its economic and political weight. This strategy is not only regional but also international as Turkey seeks partnerships with other powers like China and Russia. However, Turkey has not abandoned its plan to access to the EU.

– Is Yemen the next Afghanistan? (6/7/2010) –  International Herald Tribune

According to the story of Robert F. Worth in this country led by Ali Abdullah Saleh since 1978, Al Qaeda can have found in Yemen the perfect combination between tribal hospitality, chaos and military opportunities. Indeed, a new generation of jihadists even more dangerous than the fighters trained in Afghanistan in the 80s is emerging and some parts of the country have already turned into sanctuaries for al Qaeda. President Saleh is still hesitating between the U.S. and support negotiations with the Radicals.

– UfM Summit: postponement, retreat or upturn? (Sommet de l’UPM : report, retraite, ou rebond ? ) (7/7/2010) – Ipemed.coop

Jean-Louis Guigou, Ipemed General Delegate, analyzes the challenges and opportunities that arise in the process of Euro-Mediterranean regional co-operation following the postponement of the summit of the Union for the Mediterranean originally scheduled on June 7. He said this cooperation framework is beneficial not only for a Europe in crisis, but also for the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean in search of a regional base.

– Exposed: The truth about Israel’s land grab in the West Bank (7/7/2010) –The Independent

According to a report published by B’Tselem, based on military maps and demographic statistics, Israeli settlers occupy 42% of the West Bank land, which is a powerful obstacle to the peace process. While Netanyahu spoke of his desire to reach a peace agreement and the United States requested a freeze on new construction, new West Bank settlements, illegal under International Law, continue to flourish. The report concluded that « The settlement enterprise has been characterized, since its establishment, by an instrumental, cynical, and even criminal approach according to international law, local law, Israeli military ordinances and Israeli law, which allowed the continuous looting of Palestinian lands in the West Bank.

– Tunisian journalist Fahem Boukadous sentenced to 4 years in prison (Le journaliste tunisien Fahem Boukadous condamné à  4 ans de prison ferme)  (7/7/2010) – Libération

The sentence would have been imposed for « spreading information that disrupts public order. » According to Reporters Without Borders, he was sentenced for covering popular demonstrations in the mining area of Gafsa, that was in 2008 in the grip of agitation because of unemployment, high cost of living, corruption and vote catching. He was hospitalized in Sousse for respiratory failure and lung infection, feared that his transfer to prison will conduct him to death, due to his health. The Quai d’Orsay, reiterating its commitment to freedom of speech, claims to follow the case closely.