August 2 to 6, 2010

– Inventing the sub French, the dangerous game of Nicolas Sarkozy. (Inventer des sous-français, jeu dangereux de Nicolas Sarkozy) (01/08/2010) –Rue89

In his statement of July 30 in Grenoble, advocating removing French citizenship to « any person of foreign origin who has voluntarily impaired the life of a police officer, a military police or any person holding public authority « , Nicolas Sarkozy could create a sub-class of Frenchmen. The author doubts that such measures will reduce violence and crime, but wondered if it would not aggravate “commuautarisme” and divide a little more the country.

– Assault against the flotilla: Israel agrees to participate in the international commission requested by the UN (Assaut contre la flotille : Israel accepte de participer à la commission internationale demandée par l’ONU)  (08/03/2010) –Turkish politics observatory (OVIPOT)

The acceptance of this international commission confirms the constant evolution of Israel. This decline, after Netanyahu’s intransigence displayed few weeks ago, shows the government’s desire to burnish his image and that of his country and especially not to further deteriorate relations with its only ally in the region, Turkey. Pressure from the international community, which wants to impose new sanctions on Iran, has certainly played a role. This acceptance is certainly a victory for the Turkish government and diplomacy.

– Turkey and Israel do a brisk business (04/08/2010) – The International Herald Tribune

Despite the incident of the flotilla and the current tensions between Turkey and Israel, business between both countries does not seem to suffer, except perhaps in the tourism sector. It does not feel the same as in military matters, according to the president of Israel Turkey Business Council, where pragmatism always wins. No military contract has yet been cancelled on the Turkish side. Both countries have convergent interests and therefore need each other.

– Robert Fisk : Isreal-Lebanon tensions flare after skrimish leaves four dead(04/08/2010) – the Independent

Can a tree start a Middle East war? It almost did yesterday after the skirmish that took place between Israeli soldiers and Lebanese where five people were killed. The incident on the Lebanese-Israeli border – which nobody seems to know the exact location – proves that the tension is at its peak since the 2006 war. This situation will persist until the real causes of tensions are resolved.

– Hezbollah accuses Israel of killing Rafik Hariri (Le Hezbollah accuse Israël d’avoir tuer Rafic Hariri) (8/4/2010) – NouvelObs.com

While the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (TSL) is probably going to accuse Hezbollah officials in the assassination of Rafik Hariri in February 2005, Hassan Nashrallah said in a speech he had evidence of Israel’s involvement in the killing. The prospect of an indictment of Hezbollah, a key player in Lebanese politics, raised fears of renewing the sectarian violence of May 2008. Last week, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had traveled to Lebanon in order precisely to ease tensions arising from this announcement.