13 to 17 September, 2010

– “Black September », between Amman and the PLO, the corner is offically turned (« Septembre Noir » entre Amman et l’OLP, une page officiellement tournée) (17/09/10)  – L’Orient le jour

Forty years after the bloody « Black September », named after the clashes between Palestinian militants and the Jordanian Army, the corner is officially turned between Amman and the Palestinians, but the trauma survives in the absence of regional peace. Officially, the corner is turned. However, in practice, the Jordanians fear – in case of failure of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations that have recently taken – the return of the « Jordanian option » as a State of substitution for the Palestinians.

– An now…(Et maintenant…) (16/09/10) – OVIPOT

The victory of the yet vote in the referendum of 12 September on the new Turkish constitution  strengthened once again the AKP and the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, A year before the next election. the question no longer appeared to be whether the AKP will win, but to predict what the ruling party intends to do with this foreseen victory. However, this victory does not solve the Kurdish question, which first calls for political courage.

– The eternal renewal of the Middle East Peace Process (L’éternel recommencement du processus de paix au Proche-Orient) (15/09/10)  – Libération

Peace negotiations, which began with great fanfare in Washington on September 2, did not finish starting. Negotiators claim first establish a serene atmosphere to address substantive issues – borders, Jerusalem, refugees return and settlements – while the moratorium on building new settlements could be resumed on September 26, despite pressure from the U.S. administration. In addition, the Israeli demand to recognize Israel as « Jewish state » opposes the request of Palestinian refugees to return.

– Welcome to an era of a nuclear Iran (14/09/2010) – Foreign Policy

The United States seems on the verge of okaying the biggest arms deal in American history – $60 billions – to Saudi Arabia. According to the author,  the reason that the U.S. government — that would not have done a deal like this in the years right after 9/11 — is willing and even a little eager to move ahead with the deal now is that the War on Terror is being overtaken among top U.S. concerns by the advent of a nuclear Iran. He adds that this events are just the latest evidence that we are moving out of what might be called the « post-9/11 era » and are moving into something new.

– Robert Fisk : Nine years, two wars, hundred of thousands deads – and nothing learnt (11//09/10) – The Independent

Did 9/11 make us all go mad? According to Robert Fisk, 9/11 appears to have produced not peace or justice or democracy or human rights, but monsters. Through a milestone since 9/11, he remembers us that the “war on terror” killed hundreds of thousands, religious fundamentalism is growing and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not resolved. Moreover, on this anniversary day, the Rev Jones wanted to burn a book called the Koran, while Tony Blair tried to sell his book “a Journey”.