Middle East, between hopes for peace and realities of war

MEDEA Institute has partnered with GRIP to organize this conference of presentation of their new book, Middle East between hopes for peace and realities of war (2010). Amine Ait-ChaalalBichara Khader and Claude Roosens tried with this book to provide keys of understanding of the Israeli-Arab conflict to their UCL students, but also to a wider audience.

The authors have based on basic texts such as UN resolutions or speeches that have marked significant political developments of the conflict. Linking them together, they provide a historical perspective essential to understand a conflict that has lasted for decades.

The  conference was held in two stages. Following an introduction by the Director of GRIP Xavier Zeebroek, Professors Roosens, Khader and Aït-Chaalal each presented an aspect of the book. The second part of the morning was devoted to a discussion on the historical and current developments of the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Journalists Baudouin Loos and Henry Goldman included features that was able to initiate and enrich a debate moderated by François-Xavier de Donnea, State Minister and Chairman of the MEDEA Institute.

The event attracted a large audience, once again showing interest in a war that the news is filled with over 60 years.

See notes (online soon).