October 18 to 22, 2010

– Egyptian government fears a Facebook revolution (Le gouvernement égyptien craint une révolution par Facebook) (21/10/2010) – Guardian

According to Osama Diab, the government’s threat to Facebook is a sign of a growing restriction of freedom of expression carried out by a regime feeling increasingly threatened. The possibility of banning Facebook in Egypt was raised during a popular Egyptian TV programme. According to critics of the social network, it provides too much information on the country to foreign intelligence services and allows for the formation of groups like the youth movement of 6th April – young people who gathered via Facebook to conduct a demonstration on April 6 – representing a security concern for the country.

– Bethlehem Olive Harvest Festival Showcases Palestinian Resilience (Le Festival de la récolte des olives à Bethléem comme vitrine de la résistance palestinienne) (20/10/2010) – Palestine News Network

The months of October and December are two months crucial for the Palestinian economy, those of the green and black olive harvest. The Israeli occupation has a strong negative impact on this sector through the systematic uprooting of olive trees conducted by Israel, because of the wall, settlements and bypass roads that prevent the transport, as well as raids of settlers on Palestinian crops. The olive tree is ultimately a symbol both of fertility, but also of Palestinian resistance.

– Israeli colonisation has accelerated since September 26 (La colonisation israélienne s’est intensifiée depuis le 26 septembre) (21/10/2010) – France24

The West Bank has witnessed a new wave of settlement in recent weeks. Despite Palestinian and international demands, the government of Benjamin Netanyahu refused to extend the freeze on settlements, which had come to an end last Sept. 26 after 10 months of partial freeze. 600 new homes are already under construction, a rate four times higher than before the previous partial freeze on settlements.

– Al-Attiyah : GCC Days in London big success and widely hailed (Al-Attiyah: Les journées CCG à Londres, un grand succès et largement acclamées) (21/10/2010) – Global Arab Network

On the 19, 20 and 21 October were held, in London, the GCC Days 2010, during which politicians, economists and intellectuals British and European member countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) exchanged ideas and projects in an effort to improve communication and mutual understanding based on a constructive dialogue. The Secretary General of the GCC, Abdulrahman Al-Attiyah describes the « great success » of the three-day conference, which has led to important exchanges between political, economic and social elites. »

– New declassification request in the Tibéhirine monks case (Nouvelle demande de déclassification dans l’affaire des moines de Tibéhirine) (21/10/2010) – Le Monde

A request for the declassification of documents was made by Judge Marc Trévidic in the investigation into the death of the seven monks of the Tibehirine 1996 in Algeria. These documents are, for the most part, the personal notes of General Philippe Rondot, then in charge of the mission management services cons-French espionage (DST). This request follows the witness hearing of General Rondot, on September 27, during which he stressed the responsibility of the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) in the abduction and murder of the seven monks of Tibehirine.

– Construction will begin soon on Palestine airport (La construction du nouvel aéroport palestinien débutera bientôt)) (22/10/2010) – Gulf News

The construction of an international airport in Palestine, to be situated in Al Baqeia’a in the Jordan Valley, should start in 2011, according to the Palestinian Minister of Transport, Dr. Al Karnazes. The total cost of this ambitious project, whose construction will not require either the agreement of Israel or the declaration of an independent Palestinian state, will amount to $ 340million and should be fully funded by member countries of the Union European.