November 15 to 19, 2010

– Israeli official: Palestinians trying to foil settlement freeze deal
(16/11/2010) – Haaretz

The article discusses the opposition of the Palestinian Authority to U.S. settlement freeze plan, proposed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The Authority considers that (political and military) incentives are far too favorable to Israel and will not enable peace negotiations progress, by further weakening bargaining power of the Palestinians. Israeli officials believe that the veto promised would foil the possibility for the Palestinians to be recognized either by the U.N. Security Council or General Assembly a Palestinian state.

– Israel will build a wall along the Egyptian border (Israël va construire un mur à la frontière égyptienne)
(16/11/2010) – Le Figaro

To block the entry of illegal African immigrants, increasing sharply this year, Israel announced the construction of a « security fence » along its border with Egypt. The increasing visibility of these migrants, attracted by economic prosperity, began to provoke negative reactions among the population. The issue has been used as a political tool by some right-wing extremists and religious movements emphasizing the threat they would represent for the Jewish and democratic character of the State of Israel .

– Sarkozy receives Lebanese General Aoun (Sarkozy reçoit le général libanais Aoun )
(15/11/2010) – Le Figaro

Michel Aoun was received on Monday by President Nicolas Sarkozy. The leader of Free Patriotic Movement and ally of Hezbollah reaffirmed his suspicion vis-à-vis Special Tribunal for Lebanon, whose investigation on the assassination of Rafik Hariri has been tainted, in its early stages, by false witnesses implicating Syria. Despite strong support from President Sarkozy to the STL, he confirmed his will to maintain dialogue with all Lebanese political parties.

– Abu Dhabi establishes its first free-trade zone (L’émirat d’Abou Dhabi se dote de sa première zone franche industrielle)
(14/11/2010) – RFI

To reduce its dependence on oil exports, the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has established for the first time a free-trade zone. It should initially extend over an area of 50 km2 and be connected to major transport infrastructure. Companies active in heavy industry will be preferred.

– Western Sahara: Polisario calls on Madrid to take a stand (Sahara occidental : le Front Polisario invite Madrid à prendre position)
(16/11/10) – Jeune Afrique

Following the Moroccan repression against protesters camp near Laayoune, the political movement Polisario blames the Spanish government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero for its lack of firm response and condemnation of the incident and accuses him of focusing on its diplomatic relations with Morocco at the expense of the rights of the Saharawi people.