November 22 to 26, 2010

– Hezbollah involved in the assassination of Hariri (Le Hezbollah serait impliqué dans l’assassinat d’Hariri)
23/11/2010 – Le Soir

According to Le Soir, the International Independent Investigation Commission of the UN has found evidence pointing the involvement of Hezbollah in the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri in February 2005. A review of telephone calls showed that Hezbollah officials have had contacts with the owners of mobile phones whom used to coordinate the bomb blast that killed Hariri.

– Israel imposes a referendum before any withdrawal from Golan and East Jerusalem (Israël impose un référendum avant tout retrait du Golan et de Jérusalem-Est)
22/11/2010 – Le Monde

Israeli Parliament passed a bill, on Monday, requiring the holding of a referendum before any withdrawal from any territory annexed by Israel. This controversial bill comes as peace talks appear stalled and could be an additional obstacle in the peace process.

– Dubai : bet on core activities to overcome the crisis (Dubaï parie sur ses activités de base pour vaincre la crise)
26/11/2010 – L’Orient-le-jour

L’Orient-le-jour updates on Dubai’s financial crisis, a year on. To cope with the crisis, the emirate has given up on becoming leading financial place in the Middle East and has refocused on its core business, trade and tourism, to revive the economy. The heavily indebted Dubai World conglomerate got a debt restructuring and will sell assets to meet debt repayments. But other companies are still in trouble and the emirate remains under pressure.

– Panorama on three-year policy of Nicolas Sarkozy in the Arab world(Panorama sur trois ans de politique de Nicolas Sarkozy dans le monde arabe)
22/11/2010 – France 24

France 24 reviewed the French diplomacy in the Arab world since the presidency of Sarkozy. On the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the president remained in continuity seeking to develop relations between France and Israel while supporting the peace process. On Lebanon / Syria issue, Sarkozy broke with Chirac’s policy by restoring a dialogue with the Syrian president and designating it as a key player in regional stability. Moreover, Sarkozy has sought to improve Franco-Algerian relations.

– A prelude to 2011 (Un prélude à 2011)
24/11/2010 – Ahram Hebdo

Egyptians go to the polls Sunday for parliamentary elections. This deadline will be a test for the Muslim Brotherhood, first opposition force in the country, which hopes to maintain its presence despite the pressures and intimidation of the regime. Similarly, the National Democratic Party, the ruling party, wants to make sure to maintain control at the approach of presidential elections scheduled for autumn 2011. Moreover, the Egyptian government has rejected calls to allow international monitoring and ensures elections will be fair and democratic.

– EU’s Ashton: Israel failed to ease Gaza blockade
22/11/2010 – Haaretz

Catherine Ashton, the High Representative for EU foreign policy, said, on Monday, that Israel had failed to live up to its commitments regarding the blockade on Gaza. While Israel pledged to loosen its grip on the Palestinian enclave in June, five months later, Ashton considers there are not enough goods flowing in to meet the humanitarian and reconstruction needs of Gaza.