November 8 to 12, 2010

– Mediterranean summit postponed for second time due to peace talks deadlock (11/11/2010) – Al Masry Al Youm

Originally planned for November 21, the summit of the Union for the Mediterranean has been postponed for the second time – he had already been postponed in June following the events of the flotilla. This decision was taken in a meeting between Bernard Kouchner, Ahmed Abul Gheit and Miguel Angel Moratinos on Thursday, regarding to the deadlock of the peace talks between Palestinians and Israelis.

– Iraq power-sharing deal could break deadlock (11/11/2010) – The Guardian

Agreement seems on the eve to be achieved in Iraq, where government formation has failed for eight months. According to the new deal, Nouri al-Maliki would be Prime Minister for another term, along with the Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani recovering the Presidency, and the Iraqiya coalition of Iyad Allawi, which lost 89 seats to 91 for Maliki in elections on last March, would receive the position of spokesman of the Parliament. The regional crises and the international pressure were demanding an solution as soon as possible, but the Sunni community could find itself once again marginalized by this agreement.

– Gender diversity and historical exhibition in Saudi Arabia (Une exposition mixte et historique en Arabie Saoudite) (9/11/2010) – RFI

A contemporary art exhibition is now showed the Art Galery in Riyadh. For the occasion, men and women are allowed to discover together all the works of renowned artists such as Vasarely, Michaux, Miro, Sam Francis or Alechinsky, making this exhibition a rare place of gender diversity in Saudi Arabia. The abstract and not representative nature of the paintings was chosen on purpose by the Commissioner Ann Hindry to meet the requirements of the rigorous Islam practiced in the country.

– Change we can’t foresee (8/11/2010) – Bitter Lemons

Bitter Lemons offers cross views of two Palestinians and two Israelis on majority changes in U.S. legislative, and their implications for U.S. policy in the Middle East. The article by Yossi Alpher demonstrates that a Republican majority in Congress is not necessarily to the detriment of the search for peace, even if Netanyahu is expecting an easing of the pressures on Israel.

– Morocco-Polisario talks under the auspices of the UN (8/11/2010) – Nouvel Obs

While negotiations are underway in NY under the auspices of the UN, between the Polisario Front and Morocco on the question of Western Sahara, the Moroccan army was dismantling by force Monday morning a protest camp set up near the capital Lâayoune. The Polisario Front advocates the idea of a referendum among the Sahrawi population while Morocco is only ready to concede Sahrawi autonomy under Moroccan sovereignty.