December 13 to December 17, 2010

– Barzani worried Iraq by asking the Kurdish self-determination
(13/12/2010) – RFI

The claim of a right to self-determination, on December 11, 2010, launched by the President of the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan and KDP leader Massoud Barzani worries Iraqi politicians. Some Arab deputies allege a betrayal of the leader while others see a way to raise the stakes before the government formation.

– UN ends key sanctions on Iraq
(15/12/2010) – Al Jazeera

In order to close door on Saddam Hussein era, the UN Security Council UN has passed three resolutions that terminate international sanctions imposed on Iraq since 1991, including the controversial Oil-for-food program. Iraq is now authorized to develop a civilian nuclear program. The council also voted to return control of Iraqi oil and natural gas revenues to the government as at 30 June 2011. The meeting was organized by the United States to be a symbolic recognition of the political developments in Iraq.

– EU: Peace process before state recognition
(13/12/2010) – Ma’an news

The Foreign Affairs Council of the European Union refused at first to recognize a Palestinian state, giving priority to reviving the peace process. The Council encouraged the efforts of the Palestinian Authority to build a state and its institutions for August 2011 and does not exclude a recognition when « appropriate ».

– Wikileaks: The army opposed to Mubarak dynastic ambitions
(15/12/2010) – Jeune Afrique

According to a diplomatic cable revealed by Wikileaks this week, the Egyptian military authorities are opposed to a succession of Gamal Mubarak to President Mubarak in 2011 because he is not from the army. The cable also reveals the paranoia of authorities on the 2011 presidential elections.

– Palestinians appeal to European countries: Recognize statehood even without peace deal
(16/12/2010) – Haaretz

Palestinian negotiators have called on Thursday several European countries (France, Great Britain, Sweden and Denmark) and the European Union Envoy, to recognize the Palestinian state within its 1967 borders. The Palestinian call aims at building a state outside the peace process with Israel, frozen since September 2010 and responds to a US resolution opposing unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood and recognition by foreign governments.