January 17 to January 21, 2011

– In Algiers, the protest is being politicized (À Alger, la contestation commence à se politiser)
18/01/2011 – Le Figaro

Lifting of emergency rule, restoration of freedoms and fight against corruption were added to the demands of Algerian demonstrators. But as in Tunis, the Algerian regime continues to shake the Islamist threat to justify his iron fist.

First tour of Michèle Alliot-Marie in the Middle East (Première tournée de Michèle Alliot-Marie au Proche-Orient)
20/01/2011 – RFI

Michèle Alliot-Marie, French Minister of Foreign Affairs, is touring the Middle East from January 20 to 23 (Israel, Gaza, Egypt and Jordan). This is her first tour in the region since her appointment last November. The Foreign Affairs minister will visit the region in a difficult environment for her, after her highly controversial statements about Tunisia.

– Israel is preparing to authorize a new settlement project in East Jerusalem (Israël s’apprête à autoriser un nouveau projet de colonisation à Jérusalem-Est)
16/01/2011 – France 24

Israeli army radio announced that a new project to build 1,400 homes in East Jerusalem is about to emerge. Israel pursues a policy of colonization which is being opposed by the international community and that is likely to jeopardize the peace process on the long term.

– Tunisia leaders resign from party
18/01/2011 – Al Jazeera

The Tunisian President and Prime Minister quit the RCD party after several opposition members have resigned from the  newly formed national unity government. The Tunisians had continued to demonstrate after the call of the UGTT, to protest against the political continuity that is illustrated by the newly formed government.

– Israel’s Labor party not to be mourned
19/01/2011 – The Electronic Intifada

Ehud Barak, Israeli Minister of Defense, has decided to leave the Labour Party and to create a new centrist and Zionist party. This decision significantly weakens the camp of the Zionist left. So far, four members of Parliament out of a total of 12, announced they would follow.