Midi de la Méditerranée – The comeback of the Arab civil societies

In the framework of the Midis de la Méditerranée, we had the honor to host Salam Kawakibi, Research director at the Centre for Arab Reform Initiative and Researcher at the Department for Social and Political Sciences, University of Amsterdam in the particular context of Arab liberation movements.

After clarifying the concept of civil society and having made it clear in the context of the Arab world, Salam Kawakibi presented the specific context of Tunisia, which has made possible the revolution of jasmine. He also mentioned the possibility of spread of such social movements in other Arab countries and the need for Europe to rethink its role and interventions. The road is still long to get to the openness and pluralism, but the process is launched. We see it currently in Tunisia where the popular movement has achieved important successes, but the future is yet to be built, and is dealing with the influence of inertia forces.

The conference attracted a large and diverse public, as well as the press, very interested in this light put on the news.

See notes (in French).