February 14 to February 18, 2011

– Palestinian cabinet resigns
14/02/2011 – Al Jazeera

The Palestinian government headed by Salem Fayyad resigned on Monday and he was renamed by President Mahmoud Abbas to form a new government. The resignation comes at a time of profound change in the Arab world and following the publication of Palestine Papers that greatly weakened Fatah.

– The Shiite opposition suspends participation in parliament (L’opposition chiite suspend sa participation au Parlement)
15/02/2011 – France 24

The Shiite bloc in Bahraini Parliament announced on Tuesday, suspending its participation in the predominantly Sunni Assembly to protest against the bloody repression that came down on antigovernment protesters. The Shiites feel discriminated against in employment, social services like housing and public services provided to their villages and demand reforms.

– Freedoms in Algeria: Western Capitals concerned (Les libertés en Algérie : Les grandes capitales préoccupées)
15/02/2011 – El Watan

After the U.S. State Department, the European Parliament and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it was the turn yesterday of the Quai d’Orsay to denounce the crackdown on protesters and call the Algerian authorities to respect the right of the opposition to organize protest marches.The attitude adopted by the authorities as well as security services during the popular march to be held in Algiers on next Saturday will show in what state of mind the power is, and especially how he considered the speeches on Algeria by the major Western capitals.

– An air of rebellion also in Gaddafi’s Libya (Un air de révolte aussi sur la Libye de Kadhafi)
17/02/2011 – L’Humanité

A call to make this Thursday, February 17 a « day of anger » in Libya circulated on Facebook in recent weeks. But these are the arrests of activists and repression of the previous days that really ignited the powder and led to mobilization. The Libyans demonstrate for freedom of expression and against corruption.

– New protests in Yemen, one dead in Aden (Nouvelles manifestations au Yémen, un mort à Aden)
18/02/2011 – Le Nouvel Obs

The organizers of the protest movement have called on Facebook and Twitter to a « Friday of anger » after Friday prayers. In major cities, Sana’a, the capital, Taiz and Aden, thousands of people responded to this call in the streets. The demonstrations in Yemen came Friday in their second week. Inspired by the protest movements in Tunisia and Egypt, protesters demanding the departure of Ali Abdullah Saleh, in power for 32 years.