March 14 to 18, 2011

Bahrain’s regime talks softly while bringing the big guns in
15/03/2011 – The Guardian

Since the beginning of the uprising in Bahrain, the regime has pursued a strategy that combines a conciliatory speech to violent repression. The government says it is open to dialogue with the demonstrators. According to the author, to mobilize people in favor of  the deployment of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) troops – and maintain its international reputation, the Bahraini government seems to have triggered a media campaign that presents the government as the party of moderation and reduces the protest to its religious dimension, increasing sectarian hatred.

– Tripoli gloating, growing concern in Benghazi (Tripoli pavoise, à Benghazi l’inquiétude grandit)
17/03/2011 – RFI

Benghazi dwellers fear more and more an assault on the city. Wednesday March 16 2011, Muammar Gaddafi has announced a « decisive battle » to take back Misrata 150 km east of Tripoli, while his son Saif al-Islam promised that « everything would be finished within 48 hours. » Finally, the Libyan regime directly attacked Nicolas Sarkozy, claiming to have financed his election campaign in 2007.

– An European survey reveals a massive gap between governments and people on the conflict in Palestine and a massive disappointment about Israel (Un sondage européen révèle un décalage massif entre les gouvernements et les populations sur le conflit en Palestine et une désillusion massive au sujet d’Israël)
14/03/2011 – International Solidarity Movement

The research Centre Al-Jazeera, in collaboration with the Middle East Monitor (MEMO) and the European Muslim Research Centre (EMRC) at the University of Exeter conducted a joint study in January 2011 to assess British and European perceptions on the ongoing conflict Israel / Palestine. This latest research has been conducted in six major European countries: Britain, France, Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Italy. The findings reveal a massive discrepancy between the governments and people on the conflict in Palestine and a massive disappointment about Israel.

– A media apartheid (Un apartheid médiatique)
17/03/2011 – Le Courrier international

The author regrets and considers the difference in media coverage of Arab revolts by the Arab media, so that all peoples of the region are fighting for the same reasons. The majority of Arab media often financed by petrodollars become dumb when it comes to cover the riots that shook Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries.

Egypt’s Constitutional Referendum: The debate continues
17/03/2011 – Al-Masry Al-Youm

A few days before the referendum in Egypt on constitutional amendments, more and more voices are calling for voting no, or even to cancel the consultation, finding that the proposed changes do not go far enough. Only the Muslim Brotherhood called for a yes vote.