April 11 to 15, 2011

– Egyptian protesters increasingly disillusioned with army
11/04/2011 – Los Angeles Times

The Egyptian military is learning a dangerous political truth: A revolution unfinished turns bitter and its heroes can be quickly recast as villains. Soldiers were swooned over two months ago when they rolled into Cairo’s Tahrir Square and stood guard over protesters rallying to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak. But the allure of the long-revered military has faded as the generals running the country face accusations that they are threatening the dreams of a new democracy by cracking down on dissent and failing to bring former government officials to justice.

– EU turns blind eye to Palestinian citizens in Israel
12/04/2011 – Electronic Intifada

Despite Benjamin Netanyahou’s claim that Israel « respects the rights of Arab citizens, » its national parliament – the Knesset – had just approved two pieces of legislation that discriminate against the country’s 1.4 million Palestinian citizens. However, since Catherine Ashton was appointed the EU’s foreign policy chief in 2009, she has not issued a single statement focusing exclusively on the plight of Palestinians within Israel. Her reticence stands in marked contrast to her hasty reaction to incidents that affect Israeli Jews.

– In new protest, Syrian women block main highway
13/04/2011 – Al Masry Al Youm

Thousands of Syrian women and children holding white flags and olive branches blocked a main coastal highway Wednesday to protest a crackdown by Syrian authorities on a protest movement against President Bashar Assad’s authoritarian regime.Protests erupted in Syria almost one month ago and have been growing steadily, with tens of thousands of people calling for sweeping reforms.

– Silence on Bahrain (Silence sur Bareïn)
13/04/2011 – Le Monde Diplomatique

Bahrain is a small emirate that is not on frontpage, and on which Western leaders, so quick to denounce the repression elsewhere in the world, seem deprived of speech. Yet that is where the counter-revolution unfolds with brutality, leading to a sectarian war. One can also note the silence of Al-Jazeera, taken in the complex relations between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.