March 28 to April 1, 2011

Learning all the wrong lessons in Jordan
30/03/2011 – Al Jazeera

The Jordanian government, a close ally of the United States, drew the wrong lessons of the revolutions that are sweeping the Arab world. Instead of opening, the government repressed peaceful movements that ask for reform and democratic freedoms, thus creating more anger and frustration. However, protestors are not asking the fall of the monarchy, simply reforms and political opening. But King Adullah seems reluctant to relinquish some of his powers and prefers accentuate repression before the protests extend. The bloody showdown of last Friday dealt a serious blow to national unity and even undermined public confidence in government. An atmosphere of mistrust is now prevailing.

Who is still supporting Kadhafi ? (Qui soutient encore le colonel Kadhafi ?)
31/03/2011 – Le Monde

Thursday, March 31, the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said the international community was « united » about Libya. Yet, Muammar Qaddafi and his regime are not completely isolated. They can count on the revolutionary committees, ideological backbone of the state. Gaddafi also has a large family and has forged resistant alliances with important families and tribes, which guarantee the stability of the regime through a system of redistribution of oil profits. In addition, a large portion of the population remains loyal to the Guide, because they are unable to imagine a political alternative. Moreover, since the beginning of the revolt in Libya, the African Union (AU) never strongly condemned the actions of Muammar Gaddafi, a leading investor in several African countries and important contributor to the AU. Concerning the support of Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro Gaddafi, it is more of a way to criticize the policy of the United States than real support.

– Egypt’s presidential vote to be held by November
31/03/2011 – Associated Press

The Egyptian army has announced that the first presidential elections since the fall of Mubarak would take place in November 2011, leaving time for new political groups to organize. Some feared that a date too close would benefit disproportionately well established organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

– Ammo factory blast in Yemen kills at least 121
28/03/2011 – CNN

At least 121 people were killed when a munition factory exploded in the province of Abyan in South Yemen. The explosion came as clashes between Yemeni security forces and members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula happened, taking advantage of the political turmoil surrounding the regime of President Saleh.