The Arab spring and the evolution of the Schengen system

Organized by the MEDEA Institute and the European Movement Belgium.

Melchior Wathelet, Secretary of State for Asylum and Migration policy, will be the guest of  this MidiMed and will come back on proposals to amend the Schengen system due to pressure North African migration.

In the context of unstable popular revolutions in North Africa, the European port cities of the Mediterranean have seen the arrival of tens of thousands of North African migrants in recent weeks. Since early 2011, the Italian city of Lampedusa alone have welcomed tens of thousands of refugees. Led by Italy and France, European countries have decided to challenge the current functioning of the Schengen area, which allows free movement of individuals within the 25 countries. This « Midi de la Méditerrannée » will be the opportunity to review the proposed revisions to the Schengen system following recent North African migration pressures and assess the extent of the impact of the Arab spring on the European Union.

Venue: European Commission Representation in Belgium. Rue Archimede 73, 1000 Brussels.

P.A.F. (Sandwiches & drinks): 5 € (SEM member), 8 € (non-members).

Registration required by email (medea@medea.be) or 02/231.13.00.