June 19 to 24, 2011

Free, but unemployed in Tunisia

22/06/2011 – New York Times

In Sidi Bouzid, where Mohamed Bouazizi immolated on December 17, many other young persons holding a university degree also attempted to suicide. For them the only current winner of the revolution is the police. For others there is not yet job or career opportunities since the departure of President Ben Ali. The educational system is pointed since university degrees are not connected with business and economic activities.


Gaza Flottilla : « All is expected » (Flotille pour Gaza: « On s’attend à tout »)

23/06/2011 – JDD.fr

On June 28 in Athens, a dozen of ships will take part in a new “Free Gaza Flotilla”, one year after the first arrest of a ship in which nine Turks died. Objective: To break the blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip since 2007. The great unknown of the journey remained the response of the Jewish state. But on Thursday, Israel has responded, saying he is « determined to stop the fleet. » Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Ron Prosor, considers this fleet as a « provocation » that has « nothing to do with humanitarian aid. »


Libya: will doubts destroy the coalition?

23/06/2011 – The Guardian

Is the NATO intervention in Lybia in a stalemate? After 3 months and without real military progress on the ground, doubts have occurred among the coalition. Amr Moussa, The President of the Arab League, who supported at first the UN Resolution, have again criticized the military intervention. Second the Italian Foreign Minister, Franco Frattini, wants to reach a political solution to the crisis. Finally , Britain and France are hardly able to sustain another front, beside those of Afghanistan.


– The Franco Lebanese Amin Maalouf elected at the Académie française (Le franco-libanais Amin Maalouf élu à l’Académie française)

24/06/2011 – Jeune Afrique

35 years ago, Amin Maalouf arrived in France, fleeing is own country, Lebanon, shaked by a bloody civil and religious war. He was 27 years old. His decision to leave has changed is life by opening him an exceptional literacy career. His election at the “Académie française” is a enthronement for this autor seating between Orient and Occident, who has, among others, written “the Cruisades seen by the Arabs”, “Leon the African” and “ Samarcande”.


– The Question of identity, one of the main problems of the Arab world (La question de l’identité, un des problèmes fondamentaux du monde arabe)

24/06/2011- L’Orient le Jour

In order to follow the democratic transitions”, UNESCO organized debates gathering various people from the political sector, medias, universities, other actors and observers of the current changes in the Arab world. One of the main conclusions of the debate was that the question of identity was one of the main problem of the Arab world.


First funding of the EIB to the « new Tunisia » : € 163 millions for roads and jobs (Premier financement de la BEI à la « Tunisie nouvelle » : 163 M€ pour les routes et l’emploi)

24/06/2011 – Le JMed

A contract of €163 millions (325 millions Tunisian Dinars) was signed between the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the Tunisian Government in order to support economic development, jobs and roads modernization in Tunisia. This signature demonstrate that Europeans have confidence in the democratic transition that started in Tunisia since the fall of President Ben Ali