July 25 to 29, 2011

Bahrain’s king approves « new reforms »

29/07/2011 – Al Jazeera

The king of Bahrain, King Hamad bin Isa, has agreed to parliamentary reforms following demonstrations in March, which were suppressed by the government. According to the Bahraini king, the approval of reforms “reflects the determination to rise above the latest incidents”. These reforms grant greater powers of scrutiny to the elected lower house, while the upper house, appointed by the royal elite, will preserve its dominance.


Les rebelles libyens annoncent la mort de leur chef militaire (Libyan rebels announce the death of their military chief)

28/07/2011 – Le Monde

The President of the National Transitional Council (NTC) announced on Thursday 28 July the death of the Libyan general Abdel Fatah Younès, former high official of the Gaddafi regime, who had joined the rebel forces. General Younès led the military operations of the Libyan insurrection. According to Moustapha Abdel Djalil, leader of the NTC, the general was killed by a group of men following his appearance in front of a judiciary commission in Benghazi.


– Le Hamas veut attire la jeune generation dans ses camps d’été (Hamas tries to attract the young generation to its summer camps)

29/07/2011 – La Libre Belgique

The Islamist movement Hamas tries to seduce the young Palestinian generation into its summer camps in Gaza, which offer many activities, but which, according to Hamas, do not have a political or military dimension. Hence, every summer, the Gaza strip becomes home to a tough competition between the summer camps of Hamas and those of the UN.


Egypt revolution: Hosni Mubarak to go on trial in Cairo

28/07/2011 – BBC News

Egypt’s deposed President Hosni Mubarak will be put on trial next week in the capital, Cairo. Mr Mubarak, 83, has been under arrest at a hospital in the coastal resort town of Sharm el-Sheikh since April. Earlier on Thursday, Egypt’s health minister said Mr Mubarak was healthy enough to be moved to the capital.