CCBLA Economic & Commercial Mission to the State of Kuwait

The Arab-Belgium-Luxemburg Chamber of Commerce will organise on 10-12 October 2011 an Economic & Commercial Mission to Kuwait.

This mission will benefit from the full support of H.E.Mr Damien Angelet, Belgian Ambassador in Kuwait, of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait and of Mr Mounif Kilani, Belgian Economic and Commercial Attaché in Kuwait. This mission is organized with the cooperation of the three regions of Belgium.

Each registered company will get an individual program of business contacts with the local companies worked out in cooperation with Mr Kilani.

Besides the individual programs, meetings will be arranged with the Ministries in charge of Trade and Industry, Oil & Gas, Foreign Investment Authority, Health and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait.

You will find hereunder a description of the economic prospects in Kuwait:

The Kuwaiti government has adopted an economic development plan spanning five years (2010-2014). This plan, with a total value of 35 billion KWD (125 billion USD), will be followed by other plans in order to transform Kuwait into a financial and commercial center for the region by 2035.

The plan includes infrastructure projects covering the various sectors of the economy: oil and gas, electricity and water, construction, urban infrastructure, communications, health and education. The first year (2010-2011), 884 projects of various sizes have been approved for a total value of 5 billion KWD (16 billion USD).

The private sector is associated with these projects in two ways : first direct monitoring in terms of procurement, contracting, subcontracting… on the other part, projects will be awarded on the basis of Public Private Partnership (PPP). This promises a significant impact on the sector leading to a significant revival of economic activities in the country.

It is important to note that these projects, whatever their sizes, require the use of various products and services. Therefore, our small and medium-sized companies may well find their way through these important business opportunities.

To all those who previously were reluctant to travel to Kuwait, we would say that it is time to get there if we really want to take advantage of economic development that the country is undertaking in the current year.

Flight details

Flight details will be communicated in due time.


Hotel Sheraton : +/- 220€ per night – single room
Hotel Four Points by Sheraton : +/- 170€ per night – single room

Participation terms

If you are interested in participating in this mission, please kindly fill in (in English) and return to this Chamber the registration form as soon as possible and in any case by 12th August 2011 at the latest.

Should you need any further information, you can contact Mrs Danielle PITSY (tel 02/344.82.04 – fax : 02.347.57.64 email : info@ccbla.org ).