Egyptian revolutionary activism and its perception in Europe

The EuroArab forum is happyto invite you its next event (and our last one before the summer break) for an open exchange on:

« Egyptian revolutionary activism and its perception in Europe »


on Thursday, 14.07.11

from 20:30 to 22.00

at « Cercle des Voyageurs”
(18, Rue des Grands Carmes), 1000 Brussels

To discuss this topic the EuroArab Forum has the honour to welcome:

Mrs. Alia El Baddiny,
an independent activist and responsible of the communication office at the Justice Party and Executive Assistant for the Superintendent at Cairo American College.

Mr. Hatem Azzam,
president of El Hadara Party (Central Party) and special Assistant to Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, the Director General of the Internationl Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Mr. Ahmed Ezzelarab,
member of the ElWafd liberal Party and permanent member of the Arab Organization for Human Rights, ex-member of the Egyptian Golf Federation and a documentary filmmaker.

The discussion will be moderated by Julie Schwannecke and Olaf Deussen (EAF members)

Background on the topic
The revolutionary events in Egypt have prompted Egyptian civilians to rethink how they want their country to be in the future. A lot of freedom was gained but also a lot of new challenges have to be addressed. This new era allows any kind of group or social movement to express and expand itself. Also more extreme movements. The reaction of Europeans towards the movements is diverse: While some Europeans are optimistic others are especially afraid of the uprising of Islamist movements. Therefore we would like to discuss among others the following questions with our Egyptian activists and also to get your input on: What do the Egyptian activists think themselves of the movement in their own country? What are they doing/is their work in order to reconstruct their country? How do Europeans perceive those revolutions and why are they so afraid of the Islamist movements? What do Arab people living in Europe think about the movements? How can EuroArab relations grow in the framework of these revolutions? Did the mutual perceptions of European and Arab people change with the revolutions and how did they change?

To attend this event, please RSVP by registering via Julie Schwanneke
by email: info@euroarab-forum.eu
before Wednesday, 13.07.2011.