July 10 to 15, 2011

Israel is unable to cope with non-violent Palestinian activism

14/7/2011 – Mondoweiss

Abir Kopty highlights the inappropriate reactions of Israel against non-violent initiatives undertaken by the Palestinians and their supporters: flotilla, flytille, BDS campaign, weekly demonstrations against the wall, campaigning for the recognition of a Palestinian state… According to her, responding so, Israel is “banging its head against the wall, and refuses to understand the fact that in this battle, it will lose”.


Egypt: The Unfinished Revolution

14/7/2011 – Al Jazeera (Empire)

At a time when the Egyptian revolution is living a turning point (see editorial of July 15, 2011), the programme Empire on Al Jazeera is looking at the evolution at the movement since January 25 and the first rally on Tahrir Square. Images of the news the last six months are deepened with interventions from stakeholders: Saad Eddin Ibrahim, founder of the Ibn Khaldoun Center and author of « Egypt, Islam and Democracy, » Nawal El Saadawi , activist and author of « Zeina », Essam El-Erian, vice president of the Party for Freedom and Justice, Max Rodenbeck, Middle East correspondent for The Economist.


Morocco: Mahkzen the baltaguis and the February 20 irreducible (Maroc : le Mahkzen, les baltaguis et les irréductibles du 20 février)

12/7/2011 – Le Monde

The referendum of July 1st approved the text of the new constitution with 98% of the votes of Moroccans who participated to the polls. The Moroccan power, or Makhzen, seems to better manage than its neighbors to cope with waves of protest arising with the Arab spring. But unease persists not only because of an   » Hassanian » – not to say Stalinian – approval rate but also the manifestations of baltaguis paid by the power, the intervention of the imams in favor of the ‘yes’ vote and the little consistency between rhetoric and reality.


Failures in Libya (Ratages en Libye)

12/7/2011 – Nouvelles d’Orient (blog by Alain Gresh, journalist at Le Monde Diplomatique)

Taking the points put forward by Patrick Haimzadeh, former Lieutenant Colonel in the French Air Force, former diplomat at the Embassy of France in Tripoli in the years 2001-2004, Arabist, author of the recent heart Libya’s Gaddafi, Alain Gresh highlights the inconsistencies of the French – and by extension Western –  intervention in Libya.


Syrian ‘national dialogue’ conference boycotted by angry opposition

10/7/2011 – The Guardian

The Baath party has invited the opposition to a two-day conference about the « transformation of Syria. » The latter refused to negotiate with the ruling party as the protesters are still killed by live ammunition in the Syrian streets. The reforms envisaged by the rally are short-term reforms. The opposition points out that some of the announced reforms have not yet been fully implemented, such as the lifting of emergency law. Meanwhile, following the visit of U.S. and French ambassadors to the demonstrators in Hama, the pro-regime demonstrators attacked the two embassies.