July 4 to 8, 2011


A hundred pro-Palestinian activists blocked at Roissy and Geneva (Une centaine de militants pro-palestiniens bloqués à Roissy et à Genève)
08/07/2011 – Le Monde

Israeli authorities are working to prevent the arrival in Tel Aviv of a hundred pro-palestinian supporters by discouraging airlines to allow them to embark for the Jewish state. These activists were denied registration on their flight because their names are on a list of « undesirables » sent by Israel. Several organizations supporting the Palestinians had called on their supporters to converge to the international airport in Tel Aviv, in order to go to the Palestinian territories, of which Israel controls all access, with the exception of the border between Gaza and Egypt.

Five months after the revolution, thousands of Egyptians go back to Tahrir Square (Cinq mois après la révolution, des milliers d’Égyptiens retrouvent la place Tahrir)
08/07/2011 – France 24

Nearly five months after the fall of the Mubarak regime, thousands of Egyptians gathered on the iconic Tahrir Square in Cairo to urge the army to accelerate the democratic transition. If writing a new constitution is still important for the demonstrators, it is no longer central to their claim. Now the Egyptians want to clear the interior ministry of former chiefs of the regime, require their trial and are opposed to military tribunals.

Tunisia : civil society face headwind (Tunisie : la société civile vent debout)
07/07/2011 – Jeune Afrique

Lawyers, trade unionists, teachers, activists, Tunisians were at the forefront on January 14. Four months before the election of the Constituent Assembly, they intend to influence the national debate to safeguard the achievements of the revolution and realize their goals. Yesterday united against Ben Ali, Tunisia is now expected to lay the foundations for a Second Republic by practicing debate. Beyond the cacophony of political parties, civil society is seen as the guarantor of democratic transition and the cornerstone of national unity.

U.S. House passes resolution threatening to suspend aid to Palestinians
08/07/2011 – Haaretz

In an overwhelming majority, the United States House of Representatives passed Thursday night a resolution urging U.S. President Barack Obama’s administration to suspend financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority if its leaders push for a United Nations vote for unilateral recognition in September. The resolution, which was passed by the Senate last week, was voted in by a majority of 407 out of 435 representatives, and calls for the renewal of direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians

NATO denies aiding Libyan rebel advance

08/07/2011 – Al Jazeera

NATO has denied the Libyan government’s charge that it intentionally carried out air raids to aid rebel advances, saying it is sticking to UN mandate to protect civilian lives. NATO announced late last week it had begun ramping up its raids on military targets in the western part of Libya. It said it was targeting government forces in cities and along « major lines of communication ».

Syrian forces shoot dead 14 in Hama: activists
05/07/2011 – Reuters

France called on the United Nations to adopt a stronger stance against Assad’s « ferocious armed repression, » even as government troops continued a campaign of arrests in towns to the northwest of Hama near the Turkish border. Human rights groups say at least five hundred people have been detained across Syria in the past few days.