August 15 to 19, 2011

–          One man’s stand against an Israel Settlement – The Independent, 18/08/2011

Mr Ayid inherited 25 dunams (6.25 acres) from his father, but seven years ago a platoon of Israeli soldiers and paramilitary border police arrived, sealing off 1.5 acres of his property that lay within the expanded municipal boundary of Jerusalem. He watched in frustration as bulldozers tore apart the agricultural terraces where he grew wheat and laid the foundations for two large residential blocks. The land was expropriated by an Israeli government order.

–          The noose is tightening around Tripoli where the CNT fears the massacre (L’Etau se resserre autour de Tripoli où le CNT craint le massacre) – Jeune Afrique, 18/08/2011

With its recent military successes, the Libyan rebellion strives to increase the fronts around Tripoli to cut its supplies. Everywhere, the rebellion grew, as shown in taaking the strategic refinery of Zawiyah. The President of the CNT Mustafa Abdeljalil, interviewed by the pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat, said he feared the looming battle in Tripoli will be « a real slaughter in view of the behavior of Gaddafi. »

–          The End of Misinformation – Dar Al Hayat, 18/08/2011

Finally, the Lebanese, and with them the Arabs and the world, can say that the truth about the assassination of Rafic Hariri has become quite clear, with its features accurately defined, and that they can, after the trial – in absentia until further notice – of the accused begins, be certain that what they and their country have been through, since the attempted assassination of Marwan Hamadeh in October 2004, reaching its peak in February 2005, and until today, are only links in a long series whose “protagonists” are well known, their goals having been exposed.

–          It was a directed investigation that has discredited international Justice (C’était une enquête orientée qui a discrédité la justice international) – Al Watan, 19/08/2011

The Special Tribunal of the United Nations for Lebanon (STL) on Wednesday released the full indictment against members of Hezbollah in the attack that killed former Lebanese President Rafik Hariri in 2005. In an interview with El Watan, a former journalist with Radio France and writer Richard Labeviere traces the events that marred the investigation which was, in his view, directed.

–          Terror attacks have damaged Israel’s Peace with Egypt – Haaretz, 19/08/2011

Peace with Egypt, a central pillar of Israel’s security for three decades, was badly hurt Thursday. An active war between Israel and Egypt has not broken out yet, but there is hostility, and unhindered acts are taking place from Egypt’s sovereign territory. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s belligerent threats to punish those who attack Israel do not deter the terror organizations.