September 5 to 9, 2011

Egyptians protest against military rule, Al Jazeera English, 9/9/2011

Protestors have pulled down a protective wall around the Israeli embassy in Cairo after the military rulers said they would respond harshly to protestors. A lot of protestors got out in the streets after the denunciations of the preacher during Muslim’s weekly prayer sermon.

Warning: Syria is much stronger than Libya, CNN, 7/9/2011

The Libyan model might be inspiring for Assad opponents. But UN might not be so keen to jump to sanction since Syria has powerful supporters, since it is located in the heart of the Arab world and would a tough one to fight.

Tunisia : prohibition of any union activity for the security forces (Tunisie: interdiction d’activité syndicale pour les forces de sécurité tunisiennes), Jeune Afrique, 6/9/2011

This has been announced by the Tunisian prime minister because the danger for the country is too important. In the meantime the police forces could be on the verge of desiring to protest since the extra work since a curfew in a third city has been announced because of new violence.

Palestinians send homemade UN membership chair on tour, BBC News, 5/9/2011

In order to influence positively the UN General Assembly on a planned request for Palestinian’s request for UN Membership to be held in two weeks a special Palestinian homemade membership chair is going to travel via Europe and the Middle East to New York.