August 29 to September 2, 2011

–                     Turkey downgrades ties with Israel –  Al Jazeera, 2/9/2011

The Turkish Foreign Minister informs the UN that Turkey has downgraded diplomatic ties with Israel and suspended military co-operation between the countries ahead of the anticipated official release of a United Nations report into the 2010 flotilla raid.


–                     EU steps up Syria sanctions with ban on oil imports – BBC, 2/9/2011

The European Union has agreed at official level to ban imports of Syrian oil into the EU to increase pressure on the Syrian regime over its crackdown against anti-government protest. Oil accounts for about 25% of Syria’s income and the EU takes about 95% of its oil exports.


–                     Large Protest in Bahrain after boy’s death –  NY Times, 1/9/2011

Thousands of people gathered in an oil village 6 km south of Manama for the burial of a 14 year old boy killed during a protest on Wednesday. The crowd was calling for the abdication of King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa. So far a dispute about the cause of death remains unsolved. Although security services were inactive during the burial protest march, clashes have been reported overnight.


–                     Alger explains its position towards Libya (Famille Kadhafi en Algérie, asile pour le colonel, reconnaissance du CNT : Les explications d’Alger) – DNA – Dernières nouvelles d’Algérie, 1/9/2011

The Algerian minister of Foreign Affairs explained that Mouammar Qaddafi will not be accepted in Algeria and awaits to see a disclosure on a legal and unionist government in Libya before recognizing the ruling powers. Part of Qaddafi’s  family were accepted on Algerian soil for humanitarian reasons.


–                     Egypt: the aftermath of the revolution less joyful (Égypte : des lendemains de révolution qui déchantent), Jeune Afrique, 31/8/2011

6 months after having chased the ruling president the people have new reasons to be unhappy.  New claims have been uttered towards the regime concerning victims of the repression, minimum and maximum wages and the actions and future plans of the actual ruling parties. The voting law, made public on 20 July, has in the meantime been unanimously rejected by all parties.


–                     Food not bombs – The Economist, 27/8/2011

“Hamas and Civil Society in Gaza: Engaging the Islamist Social Sector”, by Sara Roy, explains why the social services can not merely and simply be seen as promotional activities.