September 12 to 16, 2011

–          Syrian opposition forms national council, Financial Times, 16/09/2011

While the revolt begins its seventh month, 140 opposition members, 70 from the outside, 70 from the inside, gather in a national council to bring the Syrian claims on the international stage, but also to support the ‘revolutionary spirit in Syria.

–          When French diplomats praised Gaddafi’s « new Libya » (Quand la diplomatie française louait « la Libye nouvelle » de M. Kadhafi), Le Monde, 16/09/2011

While Nicolas Sarkozy is visiting Libya victoriously, Le Monde reminds us the return of Libyan in the good graces of France following the case of the Bulgarian nurses. Le Monde got from the French Embassy in Tripoli, a telegram where France is offering a special partnership with Muammar Gaddafi’s Libya. France was then making « a bet on the new Libya. »

–          Egyptians rally in Tahrir Square against return of emergency laws, The Guardian, 16/09/2011

Following the demonstrations outside the Israeli embassy last Friday, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) decided to reactivate the law of emergency that was abolished following the fall of Mubarak’s regime. The Egyptians gathered in Tahrir Square on Friday to protest against this measure. Amnesty International warns against what it considers to be the biggest threat since the end of Mubarak’s regime for the Egyptian population.

–          Digging in, the essence of Netanyahu’s foreign policy, Haaretz online (English), 16/09/2011

A few days before the introduction of an application for recognition of a Palestinian state by the PLO at the UN, Benn Aluf is considering Netanyahu’s foreign policy. He said Israel is now in its worst position internationally and this because of a series of mistakes made by the current Israeli government, whether the lack of alternatives proposed by Netanyahu and his team to face the Palestinian initiative at the United Nations but also its foreign policy more and more closed on itself.

–          Tunisia: from the referendum to the « declaration of transitional process (Tunisie : du référendum à la « déclaration du processus transitoire »), Jeune Afrique, 15/09/2011

At five weeks of the Constituent Assembly elections, some parties have gathered around the need for some guarantees against possible abuse of power of the future elected assembly. So they want to maintain the current government in power before real legislative and presidential elections to be held. Entitled « Declaration of the transitional process, » this document does not, however, reach unanimity. Therefore some propose to hold a referendum on the issue. According to them, it is not good to let authorities belonging to the old regime in power.