Gaddafi has definitely lost the game

The Libyan National Transition Council has officially announced the death of Muammar Gaddafi and that of his son Mootassem, Thursday, October 20. The whimsical dictator, sometimes hated, sometimes acclaimed, who became completely out of control – even crazy –  by 42 years of absolute power, has definitely lost the game, apparently shot at the outlet of a sewer where he was hiding after the attack of his convoy by. Although the circumstances of his death remain unclear, the end of Gaddafi is pathetic.

All embassies are in turmoil after the announcement and many of them, including the United States, welcomed the news. However, we can ask ourselves whether it is always wise to welcome the death of a man, whoever he is or whatever the atrocities he committed, rather than to regret that it could not be tried before an international court – a trial in Libya would have indeed been a travesty of justice of the victors.

However, many countries have called instead to rebuild the country and national unity of the Libyans. Meanwhile, NATO already announced the imminent end of its military intervention and the Arab countries welcomed the end of tyranny and urged Libyans to rebuild the country.

Only the authoritarian populist Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, the last support of Gaddafi, condemned « the assassination » of a « martyr » and a « great fighter ». Gaddafi, who has tried for so many years to end up the isolation in which he had plunged his country, will eventually have finished all alone.

The death of the dictator, who had already been spilled at the end of August, however, does not fundamentally change the situation of the country. Everything remains to be rebuilt, either in terms of infrastructure destroyed by war or at the level of institutions. We can only hope now that all Libyan forces that have united against the tyrant not fight each other together for the conquest of power and control of oil in the country.

The EU and U.S. have to cease immediately of military operations, withdraw from the country and do not start favoring one side against another in order to stabilize the country as quickly as possible, to win reconstruction contracts and to allow full deliveries of oil.

The ball is now in the camp of the CNT which must now focus on rebuilding the country and on creating a stable regime, beyond the tribal lines, allowing the establishment of democratic institutions, equal justice and independent checks and balances.

Geoffroy d’Aspremont