January 16 to 20, 2012

–          Diplomats seek UN Syria consensusFinancial Times – 17/001/2012

Senior diplomats will meet at the United Nations on Tuesday to hammer out a Security Council consensus on Syria, in the latest effort to stop the bloodshed that has made a mockery of a three-week Arab peace mission to the country. After another 12 people were reported killed in the ten-month-old uprising against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, western countries will be seeking to toughen up a Security Council resolution floated on Monday by Russia, one of the Syrian regime’s principal international allies.

–          Outbreak of protests: Disillusioned Tunisians rise up against new governmentMiddle East Online – 17/01/2012

A spate of protest actions are paralysing parts of Tunisia a year after the North African country’s popular revolt sparked the Arab Spring uprisings. In the poor farming region of Siliana, a general strike has brought activity to a complete halt in several locations, the TAP news agency reported. The new authorities in Tunisia still face soaring unemployment of 19 percent nationally — up to 50 percent in certain inland areas overlooked for investment in the past.

–          Libya: militias are still ruling the roost ( Libye : Les milices font toujours la loi ) – Slate Afrique – 17/01/2012

But then what becomes of Libya? While Tunisia is scanned on an almost daily basis by the international press agencies and as the Syria of al-Assad is condemned by the majority of the international community, the country of the late Muammar Gaddafi seems to have disappeared from the radar as much media and diplomatic. In the field, is the confusion and the rule of the militias. Each city and even each village has its own armed group. While the National Council of Transition (CNT) has formally ordered the return of stockpiles by the end of 2011. Not a chance. Not only are the guns are not returned but it seems that the black market of weapons is currently one of the most successful.

–          ElBaradei supporters reject ‘fake’ revolution celebrationsAlmasry Al Youm – 19/01/2012

Supporters of former International Atomic Energy Agency head Mohamed ElBaradei rejected Thursday what they called « fake celebrations » being planned for the anniversary of the outbreak of the 25 January revolution. The Popular Campaign to Support Mohamed ElBaradei expressed its stance in its first statement since he abandoned his presidential bid on Sunday in protest of what he called the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ mismanagement of the transition period. Divisions between political forces have been growing over whether to celebrate the beginning of the uprising that eventually forced former President Hosni Mubarak from office.

–          Mubarak, out of reach of the civil justice? ( Moubarak, hors de portée de la justice civile ?) – Lalibre – 19/01/2012

Civil Justice is not empowered to judge Hosni Mubarak that became once again a military since he left office, said Thursday his lawyer Farid el-Dib, at the trial of the former Egyptian president. The lawyer relied on a law passed in 1979, under President Anwar Sadat, which exempts senior military leaders to retire and provides that they are required to hold civil offices, they return then to their military status.