22th – 29th June

We can consider that the political line based on the “dissociation” advocated by the Lebanese Prime Minister, Nagib Mikati, for over a year threatens to shatter because Lebanon is caught up in recent days by the conflict taking place in the other side of the border, in Syria.

The deputy ambassador of the United Kingdom to Algeria, Mr Bernhard Garside, said that Algeria has a great potential that enables it to grow more, stressing that it’s now a “stable and credible” State.

Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi, is set to building a civilian administration to overcome deep political division and to coax the army. He has already begun talks to form a presidential team and cabinet that “would truly represent Egypt after the revolution”.

After the destruction of the Turkish military aircraft, Turkey’s Prime Minister has told Parliament that Syria is a “clear threat” to Turkey and its own people. But to what extent will Ankara’s approach to its neighbour really change?

Last Thursday, terrorist attacks in Baghdad killed at least 21 people and wounded more than 100: they’re the latest attack in a deadly month. Tensions have been high in the country since the last American troops left in December, with great concern political crises among Iraq’s main Shiite, Sunni and Kurdish factions aggravating concerns.