4th – 8th June

In lead-up to this month’s presidential runoff vote, Egypt’s political scene is thrown into further confusion by the controversial Mubarak trial verdicts and ensuing protests that followed. The current wave of protests, according to Hassan Abu-Taleb, political analyst and editor-in-chief of Ahram’s Al-Taqreer Al-Strategy, is « reactionary » in nature.

Nearly fifteen months of upheaval, the face-to-face continues without the regime of Bashar el-Assad submits. However, the insurgency doesn’t let up. The escalation precipitates the State into a « civil war ». For Salam Kawakibi, acting director of the Arab Reform Initiative and associate professor at the University of Paris I, the solution of the revolution depends on the « resilience of the Syrians ».

Stuxnet virus, developed jointly by the United States and Israel, aimed to break down the Iranian nuclear program: the computer virus, codenamed Olympic Games, wreaking havoc in the Iranian nuclear program. The original program was launched in 2006 but, during the Obama administration, two new cyber-attacks were allowed, using a refined version of Olympic Games, renamed Flame.

According to Jeremy Keenan, a professor and research associate at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) and international expert in the Sahel region and North Africa, the involvement of the Polisario Front in acts of kidnapping in the world reveals whole the true face of the separatist group that pretends to be a liberation movement. Keenan didn’t omit, in this context, to denounce the ordeal imposed on thousands of Sahrawi in the Tindouf camps, stressing that the question of Western Sahara won’t find the way to a settlement as Algeria is heading in their fixed positions.

All the talk about el-Assad’s de-legitimacy is meaningless as long as the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians and the Lebanese think he’s legitimate. He also maintains his legitimacy for now in large sectors of Syrian society. However, what’s happened in Syria this week? Two brutal massacres and more horrific pictures.