16th – 20th July

Israel security services together with IDF and Israel police uncovered a terrorist cell that planned to kidnap an IDF soldier as a bargaining chip. The terrorist cell was led by Rajab Salach Saladin, a 52-year-old resident of the West Bank village of Hizma, affiliated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine for the release of Palestinian prisoners.

Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, warned Iran on Monday that it would use “all elements of its power” to prevent Tehran developing a nuclear weapon as US aircraft carriers were deployed in the Gulf amid escalating tensions. A few hours before her statement, America deployed an aircraft carrier to the Gulf, a sign widely seen as the US looking to strengthen forces in the oil-rich region.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was appreciative of her recent meeting with President Mohamed Morsi. Western and Egyptian sources deny there was any American intervention to ensure Morsi’s electoral victory, and, in any case, the US knew long before the revolution the Muslim Brotherhood are a force to deal with in Egypt.

US didn’t wait for the attacks of 11th September 2001 to be suspicious of Islamic policy. The relations between Washington and Islam are complicated, but when their strategic interests were involved, US has never hesitated to develop closest relations with the most Islamists regimes. The military-oil alliance with Riyadh is the best example but, on the other side, there is the Algerian “back” in December 1991, when the US approved for a coup that featured terrible consequences.

Omar Suleiman, the once-powerful head of Egypt’s intelligence service who represented the old government’s last attempt to hold on to power, died on Thursday at an American hospital, according to the state-owned Middle East News Agency. He had helped the CIA as it established the practice of extraordinary rendition: sending terrorism suspects to foreign countries to be interrogated and, its critics say, tortured.