Kuwaiti diplomats’ first visit to the European Institutions

Between 2 and 7 July, the European Institute for Research on Euro-Arab Cooperation organises a study visit for a delegation of 7 young Kuwaiti diplomats to Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg, upon request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait and the Embassy of Kuwait in Belgium.

The visit has the intention to deepen the knowledge of the working of the European and other international institutions. The visitors will be able to see with their own eyes how the EU shapes its reality. The programme intends to bring them in contact with some key actors and day-to-day managers of policies and matters that are of importance for the relations between the institutions and the organisations involved and Kuwait. Key moments will undoubtedly be the visits to the European Institutions and the NATO, but other very important organisations for the regional and international functioning will be presented: the European Investment Bank, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the renowned Egmont Institute.

An overarching aim of the study visit is to contribute to the dialogue between our regions, in order to create a better mutual understanding and thus a better cooperation. The agenda of the visit will create opportunities to engage in an enriching dialogue for the Kuwaiti diplomats and the representatives of the institutions.

The programme will be very intense and the delegation will accumulate a lot of new knowledge in a short period of time. That is why the Institute has foreseen recreational moments in Antwerp and Bruges at the end of the week.

The undertaking of this study visit saw the light already more than a year ago; and it is with relentless effort of motivated people from both the Embassy and the Institute that the agenda for it could be finalised in its present form.

We hope the visit will inspire many.